Semi Automatic Multi-Jet Vial Washing Machine


The dump loading procedure may be used, if the Ampoules/Vials are ready to dump Boxes, which will have exactly into the same number of Ampoules/Vials and the pitch, as the loading tray. Alternatively, each Ampoules/Vials have to be arranged into the tray. The loading trays are placed directly into the Machine and the Handle bar into the lowered for Automatic centering of Washing needles into the Ampoules/Vials mouth. The Top cover is also lower and switch is operated Automatic Sequential washing both from inside & outside of each individual Ampoule/Vial. The machine will automatically stopped after one complete cycle & for removal of tray, reverse procedure is to be observed.

Semi Automatic Multi-Jet Vial Washing Machine

Washing Cycle

1st Wash DM Water
2st Wash Air
3st Wash DM Water
4st Wash Air
5st Wash Water for Injection (WFI Water)
6st Wash Air
Multi-Jet Needles Maximum Vial Size (ml) Up To Maximum Ampoule Size (ml) Up To
56 Needles 100 Any Size
99 Needles 030 Any Size
189 Needles 010 Any Size
240 Needles 003 10
340 Needles 002 05
432 Needles 03

Salient Features

Technical Specification

Model DAVW-240
Output 30 to 40 Cycles/Hour (Each cycle’s time will be of 58 seconds)
Ampoule Dia 10mm to 21.5mm
Ampoule Height 60mm to 140mm
Vial Dia 15mm to 56mm
Vial Height 56mm to 110mm
Overall Dimension 1100 mm LX 1050 mm W X 1200 mm H
Power Specification 1.0 HP, 3 PHASE, 440 VOLTS, 50 Hz, 4 Wire System
Change Part – Multi-Jet Needles Plate
– Comby Trays
Utility DM Water: 8 Liter/cycle
WFI Water: 8 Liter/cycle (Depend Up-On Cycle Time)
Air : 20 CFM @ 5 Bar