Automatic Visual Powder Vial Inspection Machine

The Automatic Visual Powder Vial Inspection Machine represents a cutting-edge advancement in pharmaceutical quality control. With its state-of-the-art visual inspection technology, this machine ensures meticulous scrutiny of every powder vial that passes through its system. Equipped with high-resolution cameras and sophisticated image processing algorithms, it detects even the minutest defects or inconsistencies in vial contents, such as impurities, particulate matter, or irregularities in fill levels. This meticulous inspection process not only upholds stringent regulatory standards but also safeguards patient safety by ensuring the integrity and purity of pharmaceutical products. Operating seamlessly within production lines, this automated inspection solution enhances efficiency and reliability, empowering pharmaceutical manufacturers to deliver consistently high-quality products to market.

Online Visual Vial Inspection Conveyor Belt


The central conveyor belt brings the Vial from the capping machine conveyor. These Vials are automatically bifurcated on the two adjoining conveyor belts & further on the side tables for operators sitting on either side of the table. The operators in turn pick up the Vials & visually inspect the Vials in the alternate white & black background to check for any particles in the liquid filled, sealed & breakage of Vial. After inspection the Vials are placed in the central track, which is transfer for labeling.

Salient Features of Automatic Visual Powder Vial Inspection Machine

  • SS 304 Tubler Structure.
  • PVC Black & White Boad as per GMP Norms.
  • UHMW self Lubrication Guide Below Chain.
  • SS Elegantly Matt Finishing.
  • Adjustable Height of Conveyor Belt to Align other machine of the Line.
  • Rigid Vibration Free Construction for Trouble free Performance.
  • Speed Variable AC Frequency Drive.

Technical Specification of Automatic Visual Powder Vial Inspection Machine

Conveyor Length Three Feet Length Six Feet Length Eight Feet Length
Output 30 to 60 Vials/Min 60 to 120 Vials/Min 100 to 200 Vials/Min
No. of Operator Two (1 X 1, Two Side Seated) Four (2 X 2, Two Side Seated) Six (3 X 3, Two Side Seated)
Power Supply 440 Volts, 3 Phase, 50 Hz
Overall Dimension 1000mm L X 760mm W X 1325mm W 1800mm L X 760mm W X 1325mm W 2440mm L X 760mm W X 1325mm W