Automatic Rotary Vial Washing Machine

Automatic Rotary Vial Washing Machine Manufacturer

A rotary wall washer, also known as a vial washing machine, is a specially designed device that conforms to cGMP standards by washing vials with minimal mechanical parts in contact with the vials. Positive vial washing is ensured by a machine with a specially designed gripper system that grips the vials by the neck, inverts them until the washing process is complete, and then releases the vial into the outfeed feed worm system in a vertical position. This machine can clean vials from 2 ml to 100 ml with the help of interchangeable parts. This is especially true if injectable drugs are filled in glass vials. Before placing an injection vial into a sterile filling area, it must be completely sterile. Dhara Engineers, a pioneer in high-tech pharmaceutical equipment, offers a highly accurate vial washer or Automatic Rotary Vial Washing Machine that meets modern, stringent sterility and hygiene requirements.

Automatic Linear- Rotary Vial Washing Machine


Vials feed from the infeed turn table are received on an infeed star wheel. The grippers pick up the Vials from the Infeed Star Wheel, invert it in a neck-down position over the washing needles, and move along with the needle bar for washing. On completion of a cycle, washed vials are again inverted to the neck upward position and feed to the output star wheel. Washed Vials received from the output star wheel can be collected on the output tray or pushed to the tunnel.

Working Principle of Automatic Rotary Vial Washing Machine

Learn about the complex mechanisms that underlie an Automatic Rotary Vial Washing Machine‘s effectiveness. This high-tech pharmaceutical apparatus has an intricate mechanism at its core that makes vial cleaning easier. The device works on a methodical rotary principle, moving vials through a carefully planned series of cleaning phases. First, a thorough pre-rinsing is performed on the vials to eliminate any external contaminants. After that, a high-pressure washing system kicks in to make sure that any leftover particles are removed from the vial surfaces. The automated control system of the Automatic Rotary Vial Washing Machine adds to its precision by continuously monitoring and adjusting multiple parameters to ensure the best possible cleaning outcomes. This state-of-the-art technology maintains the exacting cleanliness standards required in the production of pharmaceuticals while also improving operational efficiency. With the Automatic Rotary Vial Washing Machine’s clever design and dependable performance, embrace the future of vial cleaning.

Washing Cycle

1st Wash Recycled Water (WFI)
2st Wash Compressed Air
3st Wash DM Water
4st Wash Compressed Air
5st Wash Water for Injection (WFI Water)
6st Wash Compressed Air

Salient Features of Automatic Rotary Vial Washing Machine

Technical Specification of Automatic Rotary Vial Washing Machine

Model DRVW-120 DRVW-240
Output 70 to 120 Vials/Minute 90 to 240 Vials/Minute
Vial Diameter 14mm to 56mm 14mm to 56mm
Vial Height 32mm to 110mm 32mm to 110mm
Power Specification 4 HP, 3 Phase 50 Hz, 4 wire system 4 HP, 3 Phase 50 Hz, 4 wire system
Optional Accessories PLC with HMI Aluminum Profile Cabinet covering full machine PLC with HMI Aluminum Profile Cabinet covering full machine
Utility Air – 20 CFM Water – 200 to 500 Liter/Hour depend upon Ampoule size Air – 20 CFM Water – 200 to 500 Liter/Hour depend upon Ampoule size
Water Tank & Pump 3 Nos. each with 25 Liters Capacity & Centrifugal Pump 3 Nos. each with 25 Liters Capacity & Centrifugal Pump
Overall Dimension 2050mm L X 2000mm W X 1210mm H 2450mm L X 2000mm W X 1300mm H

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