Automatic Measuring / Dosing Cup Placement Machine


The Caped bottles moving on conveyor belt and fed into an in feed star wheel by in-feed worm. While moving in feed star wheel, bottles pick up Cup one by one from delivery chute. The sealing is done in a programmed roll-on manner, accurate positioned of the caps is done mechanically by means of a rotating unscramble, to direct the caps correctly into the chute, when the chute is filled up the rotating unscramble drive is disengaged, hence, there is no chance to damage of caps. The Pressing Head takes place due to Pressing head and transfer movement of sealing & threading rollers due to Pressing cam. The sealed bottles are discharged by exist star wheel on conveyors.

Automatic Messuring Cup Placement Machine

Salient Features

  • No Bottle – No Cup / Cap System
  • No Measuring Cup / Cap – Machine Stop System
  • Machine construction in Stainless Steel Finish
  • Linear Bottle Movement with No Change Parts System for change in Bottle Size
  • Single Drive Synchronizing Total Operation of Bottle Feeding, Bottle Holding Belt and Top Holding / Pressing Belt System
  • Measuring Cup / Cap Feeder with Variable Speed System for feeding control of caps.
  • Minimum Change Over and Setting time
  • Hopper can be completely dismantle for easy cleaning
  • Minimum Change over time

Technical Specification

Model DCP-60
Output 60-80 Bottles/Min
No of Head Single
Electrical  2.0 HP, 415 Volt,  3 Phase and 220 V Single Phase Power Supply (50 Hz) with A.C. Drive
Conveyor Height  800 to 900mm Adjustable
Overall Dimensions  1700mm L X 750mm W X 1900mm H