Automatic Bottle/Jar Air Jet & Vacuum Cleaning Machine


Containers are fed in upright position on an Un scrambler and further fed to Feed Worm, Where they are automatically inverted. The synchronized star wheel feed the container one by one through a chamber, which is under negative pressure. A series of nozzles blow air in the container at a high pressure. The dust is collected in the bottom hopper, where it is exhausted through a Exhaust fan in dust collector box.

The container is further fed through the synchronized star wheel and feed worm. It is once again inverted and comes out duly cleaned in upright position for further operation.

Salient Features

  • Machine provides 6 air washes.
  • All contact parts made out from SS 304.
  • Entire frame covers & non contact parts made out from SS 304.
  • Over load clutch is provided to prevent jamming on machine.
  • Quick change over with minimum use of tools.
  • Used in product like dry Syrup, Tablet, Capsule etc.
  • No external lubrication required.
Automatic Bottle Jar Air Jet & Vacuum Cleaning Machine

Technical Specification

Production Rate30 to 60 Bottles/Minute60 to 120 Bottles/Minute
Container Diameter25mm to 60mm25mm to 60mm
Container Height45mm to 110mm45mm to 110mm
Power Specification
Main Machine1.00 HP1.00 HP
Blower0.50 HP0.50 HP
Electrical Characteristics440 Volts, 3 Phase, 50 Hz440 Volts, 3 Phase, 50 Hz
UtilityAir – 30 CFM @ 5 barAir – 30 CFM @ 5 bar
Optional AccessoriesAir Filter & RegulatorAir Filter & Regulator
Bottle Inspection StationBottle Inspection Station
Change PartsInfeed & Outfeed WormInfeed Worm
Infeed & Outfeed InverterInfeed Inverter
Infeed & Outfeed Star WheelExit Star Wheel
Overall Dimension2000mm L x 850mm W x 915mm H2000mm L x 1000mm W x 915mm H