Operation :

The central conveyor belt brings the Vial from the capping machine conveyor. These Vials are automatically bifurcated on the two adjoining conveyor belts & further on the side tables for operators sitting on either side of the table. The operators in turn pick up the Vials & visually inspect the Vials in the alternate white & black background to check for any particles in the liquid filled, sealed & breakage of Vial. After inspection the Vials are placed in the central track, which is transfer for labeling.

Visual Vial Inspection Conveyor Belt

Salient Features:

  • SS 304 Tubler Structure.
  • PVC Black & White Boad as per GMP Norms.
  • UHMW self Lubrication Guide Below Chain.
  • SS Elegantly Matt Finishing.
  • Adjustable Height of Conveyor Belt to Align other machine of the Line.
  • Rigid Vibration Free Construction for Trouble free Performance.
  • Speed Variable AC Frequency Drive.

Technical Specification :

Conveyor Length Three Feet Length Six Feet Length Eight Feet Length
Output 30 to 60 Vials/Min 60 to 120 Vials/Min 100 to 200 Vials/Min
No. of Operator Two (1 X 1, Two Side Seated) Four (2 X 2, Two Side Seated) Six (3 X 3, Two Side Seated)
Power Supply 440 Volts, 3 Phase, 50 Hz
Overall Dimension (L x W x H) 1000mm x 760mm x 1325mm 1800mm  x 760mm x 1325mm 2440mm  x 760mm x 1325mm