Backed with the team of experienced engineers, we are engaged in manufacturing and supplying huge range of Vacuum Cleaning machines are devised to make sure simple and modular operation, where each individual bottle, jars are positively washed with maximum washes. These offered Vacuum Cleaning Machines are an ideally balanced of bottles/Jars cleaning machines with CGMP concept. The bottle Vacuum cleaning machine is outfitted with a photoelectric system which can clean the bottles systematically before filling them. The bottles are fed in the upright position with a make out and reversed down.

These bottle Vacuum Cleaning Machines are also known as bottle air jet cleaning machine that are used for cleaning and drying of bottles in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Our Vacuum Cleaning Machines are appropriate for cleaning of glass, plastic, PET Bottles and jars. The Bottle air jet cleaner machine works with air pressure and vacuum cleaning. The bottle air washing machine has a stainless steel structure with matt finish body. The machine is equipped with a slat conveyor and cleaning nozzles. It has a no container no cleaning mechanism to keep away from the wastage or pure air. The legs of the machine can be accustomed to the essential height.