Operation :

Machine conveyor receives Container from infeed Turn Table, it separated by the feeding roller assembly to maintain the Pre determined space between the Two containers according to the Label Length and Container Diameter. Label is placed on the container immediately when it sensed by the Container sensor, it ensures instant adhesive of label’s edge. Then it passes through the pressing unit resulting in precise registration and crease-free application. It can handle container diameter range from 22 mm to 105 mm and label height from 10 mm to 200 mm, change over can be done within few minutes, label height from bottom can be also adjustable for different kind of containers.

Automatic Self Adhesive Vial/Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine
Technical Specification :
Model DVSL-100
Output 50 to 100 Container/Minute
Container Diameter 22mm to 105mm
Container Height 10mm to 160mm
Label Length 12mm to unlimited
Label Roll Diameter 300mm Max.
Power Specification
Electrical Characteristics 1 HP, 220 Volts, Single Phase, 50 Hz
Optional Accessories – Inkjet Printer
– PLC with HMI
– Aluminum profile cabinet covering full machine
Salient Features:
  • Very Simple & Robust Construction for a long life and continuous service.
  • Automatic Washing Cycle Operation by Programmable PLC with HMI.
  • Each Cycle Time can be Adjustable.
  • Sound design concept of Pump and Solenoid Valves for reserves & continuous supply of washes Media.
  • Both internal & external washing ensuring absolutely clean ampoules/vials after Sequential Washing.
  • Acrylic top cover for clear view of washing events taking place in the machine.
  • All contact parts of washing media & compressed air are of SS 304 or HDPE or Polycarbonate or PP.
  • In the event of acrylic cover lifted during cycle operation, the machine will Automatically Stop and Restart from the 1St Cycle, when cover is pushed down.